Living on an iPad

If there is something I’m fascinated about, it’s “living” on an iPad. A lot of people these days are spending a lot of time on the iPad, but that’s more for just browsing the internet, social media or sending some personal mails. And that’s were it stops.
Personally, I want to go a step futher. I want to be able to really work on my iPad Pro. Currently I have the 9,7 inch version, which is ok for me, but I can imagine the brand new 10,5 inch or even the 12,7 inch would be better. Since the last WWDC, I am really looking forward to the newest version of iOS. In iOS 11, there is a big focus on productivity and multi tasking, which I am missing in the current version. As the newest additions to the operation system could lead to a better way of working, I would definitely think about making the move.

Next step will be to check which apps I should use and how this can become reality. Of course I know not all my tasks can be done on an iPad, but definitely a lot can be moved away from my Macbook, which will get me out of the routine to be behind the desk all day. Suggestions for apps are more than welcome!

To be continued…

One thought on “Living on an iPad

  1. I already did a lot on my iPad Pro 12,9″ but iOS 11 is intriguing to me too! iPad could be such a great computer because its thin and light, smoking fast and it has a battery that last very very long.

    A great app that I use since last week is Affinity Photo. It’s Photoshop, but better and it runs great on an iPad!

    Looking forward to reading about your journey!

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