I’m tired of subscriptions!

I hate it, and I guess you hate it too. Subscriptions/spam in your mailbox.

A lot of the emails we receive all day are newsletters, most of them are just not relevant or even annoying. It’s difficult to manage them and you have no overview of all your subscriptions at all. I’ve read on the internet about a fantastic tool. A tool that gives an overview and even let you unsubscribe in just a few clicks.

unrollThe tool is called Unroll.Me. This site allows you to enter your email address and let it scan your mailbox for all subscriptions. Once scanned, you get an overview of all your subscriptions and pick  the ones you want to unsubscribe. You have a free unsubscribe limit of 5 items, but you can  earn 75 unsubscribes for every friend that signs up for Unroll.Me using your invite link and earn unlimited unsubscribes if 5 of your friends sign up. As we all hate newsletters, it shouldn’t be hard to find one or even 5 friends who hate this too.

To be honest, not all newsletters are bad. There are good and interesting newsletters too! It’s also possible to manage the good ones.


You can help me getting free unsubscribes by clicking the link below btw :-)


Enjoy your spam free mailbox!


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