Living on an iPad

If there is something I’m fascinated about, it’s “living” on an iPad. A lot of people these days are spending a lot of time on the iPad, but that’s more for just browsing the internet, social media or sending some personal mails. And that’s were it stops. Personally, I want to go a step futher. … Read more

The office. What an office!

I’m working for a company called GFI. This company has multiple offices in Belgium. I’m not gonna talk a lot about this company on my personal blog. Ok, one description.

Gfi is a European IT service integrator. Drawing on its multidisciplinary profile, the Group provides its customers with a unique combination of hands-on services, sector-based organisation and industrial solutions.

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I’m tired of subscriptions!

I hate it, and I guess you hate it too. Subscriptions/spam in your mailbox.

A lot of the emails we receive all day are newsletters, most of them are just not relevant or even annoying. It’s difficult to manage them and you have no overview of all your subscriptions at all. I’ve read on the internet about a fantastic tool. A tool that gives an overview and even let you unsubscribe in just a few clicks.

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